How do you pet a cat the right way?

 Clear the Shelters last week at the East Bay S.P.C.A. was a HUGE success! 148 pets went home last week because of the East Bay S.P.C.A. and their fine work. The Tri-Valley animal rescue volunteers were also on hand to support the mission. 

We send a special, giant thank you to Grace who graciously welcomed us. We appreciated the enthusiastic animal fans that came to our table to learn about Rescue Contacts. We met many wonderful people throughout the day. We were excited to share that ALL PROFITS from sales of prescription contact lenses are donated to animal rescue. We met many wonderful people throughout the day.

Petting a Cat

While we attended the event, we had the unique opportunity to view the cats as they were evaluated by prospective adopters. We noticed a great many new techniques on making friends with a cat. Some were very well received and others were just plain entertaining. Do you pet you cat's chin from the cheeks down? Do pets tolerate having their fur stroked backwards against the way it grows? Do they like that?

A fun comic tutorial on how to properly pet your cat

Watching the cats enjoy all of the attention they were getting during the event was heartwarming. And I sure didn't hear any of them complaining about any of the lovies they were getting.


Making new friends while spreading the word about Rescue Contacts

Thank you to NBC Bay Area and other sponsors for taking care of all adoptions fees.  VIP PET CARE put together an amazing care package for pet owners to hep with initial cost.

Thank you!

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